Skin Remodeling


  • Spots removal: chloasma, coffee spots, freckles, sunburns, age spots, nevus of ota.
  • Pigmentation removal: post-acne pigmentation, birthmark removal.
  • All colors of tattoo removal.
  • Scars removal: acne scars, flatten traumatic scars, chicken pox, stretch marks.
  • Shrinking the apperance of pores.
  • Smooth out wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Skin resurfacing, skin tightening, skin renewing, skin whitening, flatten worry and frown lines, reshape, slightly enlarge, and give firmness to lips.
  • Collagen contracting and remolding.
  • Improve skin texture and skin tone.


  • Pigment clear rate is higher.
  • Pigment removal speed is faster.
  • Refuse to stimulate active melanin against risk.
  • Remove melanin colleagues and start repair mechanism.
  • Doesn;t damage normal tissue.
  • Non-invasive treatment.
  •  No pigmentation.
  • Safe, painless and excellent treatment results.
  • Do what you like and go where you want after the treatment.


Skin Tightening

Skin Tightening

Skin Resurfacing

Pigment Removal

Acne Scars Removal

Acne Scars Removal